Our children's church is at the same time as our service in the main Auditorium at 09:00 Sunday mornings. Our aim is to minister to our children in such a way that they will love God and love people. We believe that this is the most important time in their lives to build a relationship with God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. We want our kids to have church on their level and that it will be something they like and enjoy!

Women of Worth

It is a place where you can be your unique self. You are so valuable and it is our heart that you may know just how incredibly special you are. As a woman you have been gifted to be a life bearer in your home, your workplace and everywhere you go. At WOW we journey together as we discover our place and purpose in life and we are enjoying ourselves while doing so. If you are looking for a place to belong, where your relationship with God will be enriched as you journey with your sisters, then this is the right fit for you.

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It is our desire to be a church where each one will be a disciple / follower of Jesus Christ our Lord and Saviour. That each one will live a life that will bring glory to God our Father. That each one will be led by the Holy Spirit to live in a way that He will be pleased. Not a perfect life, but a holy life, a life that is totally different from this world that we live in. A life that will impact the world around us, a love that will demonstrate the heart of God, a passion that will grow stronger each day, a passion for God, for people, for His will in my life.

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Marriage in a mug is about ministry that helps couples to constantly work on their marriages. Any marriage will work as long as you work on it. We have different ideas and perspectives about life and about marriage. Here we want to help you to start working on a relationship where you will know each other better and better; only then our marriage will grow stronger and deeper

Senior Pastor Herman Steyn

and his Family


This is our team of prayer warriors that stand in the gap for others, our congregation and people in need. This ministry is one of the most important building blocks of our church. A church that does not pray is a dying church. We will stand against the gates of hell and the enemy of the human race; Satan and all of his evil spirits.

Praise & Worship Team

Our Praise to God is our protection, our Worship to God is what we owe Him. He is worthy to be praised, He deserves our worship. Worship is about God! We want to connect with our God on a personal level. He is our focus, our source, our life and our goal. This team is committed to create an atmosphere where He is lifted up so that people can draw near to Him and be changed from the inside out.

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Family Foundations International

A ministry where people get healed of past experiences that has an effect in their present life. So many people have testimonies of restoration in their marriages, homes, families and in their personal lives. Some of the seminars that is most popular are: "Ancient Paths 1 & 2" and also "Covenant Marriage Retreat"

Mission & Vision

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A men's ministry where men can fellowship together and be encouraged. A place where we want to teach our men to be different. At warriors we want men to realize that God sees us all as mighty warriors. As warriors we will be different and therefore make a difference wherever we are.

Children's Church

I am the Senior Pastor of House of Restoration and my wife is Elbi. We have three children, Jolizna, Hermari and Marnus. Jolizna is married to De Wet Steyn on the right and Hermari is married to Steven Graaff at the back

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in a Mug

Transformers is for youngsters between 10-15 years old. This ministry is to equip children to advance in the following four areas of their lives: Leadership, relationships, skills and discipline / exercise. We trust God that they will be transformed by the grace of God and hard work to be able to face life's daily challenges.

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